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“Real estate cannot be lost or stolen, nor can it be carried away.

Purchased with common sense, paid for in full, and managed with reasonable care, it is about the safest investment in the world.”

Franklin D. Roosevelt


We aim to provide strong market expertise with a well-structured sales execution approach.


We help investors to find real estate assets, provide off-market acquisition opportunities and deliver highly skilled solutions to optimize their returns. 


Effective real estate asset management help business to point out inefficiencies and allow to identify opportunities that could positively affect finances and the overall value of a building.


We aim to bring cost-effective management solutions to allow a holistic view of all property facilities and assets. 


Real estate new technologies

and property management software and hardware can enhance and make the activity of asset management more manageable, less time-consuming and more cost-effective by automating and simplifying a good number of processes.   



We are a team of experts specialized in the field of real estate investment advisory. From property valuation, sales and acquisitions, due diligence conduct, we also operate in asset management and project development. We aim to provide 360 degrees vision and deliver tailor-made services throughout the entire life cycle of a property.


We operate all over Switzerland  and have a longstanding market experience. Our proven track records in deal sourcing and closing as well as a structured transactional approach allow us to work with a broad range of qualified investors from private equity to institutional enterprises.


Our multidisciplinary skills, our creative ideas and strategic solutions are complementary. Focused, we remain close and are attentive to our clients. With personalized services and due care we fulfil their specific expectations. In complex situations and demanding project requirements we bring added value in a pragmatic and constructive way.




It takes time and a good understanding of the market to research every investment opportunity. We have a good knowledge of our economic environment within its diverse macro and micro-locations. The right choice of location and an appropriate selection of usage type are some of the key factors to properly diversify its real estate assets. 

Our multiple services and specialised advice on the Swiss real estate market are based on the challenges of our clients. We identify capital market opportunities and deliver expertise to qualified investment companies, funds, family offices, HNWI and private equity individuals. We have a close relationship with property owners and an in-depth understanding of their investment requirements. We accompany vendors throughout the entire transaction process and allow them to reach positive returns. 

Asset Managememt

Asset Management

Starting from analysing the initial situation of a building and all the way through its management and letting process across the entire life cycle of a property, our multiple solutions tend to meet our costumers strategic  targets.

We aim to make real estate assets deliver value in line with a company's core business goals while helping to provide suitable and sustainable working environment to end-users. We are tracking and monitoring the financial value of buildings to record their appreciation or depreciation over time. We observe and monitor real estate, anticipate, plan and budget for maintenance (OPEX) or renovation works (CAPEX) to repair or improve the technical aspects of a property to keep its value at optimum level.

Prop-Tech Development 

Real estate is considered the largest asset class in the world despite this the industry is still in the early stage in terms of technology absorption. For long the habits in the use of real estate have changed. Today's necessity of real estate digitalisation is bringing to the front the emerging field of prop-techs.

Planning, financing, construction, intermediation, portfolio or building management: prop-tech companies are active at all levels of the real estate value chain.

Real estate owners and operators that are looking to reduce their carbon footprints and optimize their property operations cannot do so without smart technologies. 



Real Estate
New Technologies

Demographic trends, consumer behaviours and the challenges of climate change are changing our habits and providing a wealth of opportunities for the new Prop-tech sector. 


We aim to bring disruptive solutions using new innovative technologies in real estate. These digital solutions make the use, the management and the letting processes of real estate more efficient. We connect people and enterprises to reinforce and improve the quality of Prop-Tech Business Models to support and promote a more informed professional practice in the global property technology ecosystem. We help the business sectors increase their efficiency, prosperity, and social responsibility. Within our business community and networks we strengthen the means of implementation and seek to revitalize the Global Partnership for Sustainable Development (SDG's goal 17).

Technology has proven to save time, efforts and resources.

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SWISS AIM is acting for a more sustainable

built environment and is a member of FUSTIC.

Created jointly by EPFL and its faculty ENAC

The Association FUSTIC

(Future Sustainable Territories, Infrastructure and Cities)

aims to promote the ecological and social transition


It has been active since 2020 in the fields of digitalisation

and sustainable development of infrastructures, cities and territories. 



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